Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Exchange 2010 SP2 Installation Issues

Exchange 2010 SP2 Installation Issues

Install Exchange 2010 SP2 issues:

When I tried install SP2 on Casnhub server, it has been given below errors;

I have installed all the WindowsUpdates with latest updates;

Updated Active Directory Schema on canhub by running below command;

Your AD replication should work properly & domain controllers should be online /PrepareSchema
Completed successfully,

now I ran this command on casnhub, switch to SP2 folder in CMD & ran below command

Setup /mode:upgrade /installwindowscomponents

it's installed successfully EX2010 SP2 without any errors.

Build ProductVersion will display 14.02.0247.005

Now I am installing SP2 on MBX, I just started in GUI setup.exe from SP2 folder,

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