Monday, December 29, 2014

Creating Forest Trust between different forest

Hello Readers,

Currently working on Active Directory Consolidation project with below details:

There are total of 16 different forest with different locations.

All 16 forests running on Windows 2003 Server Standard with SP2 &
Windows 2003 Server Enterprise with SP2 with the

Domain Functional Level : WIndows 2000 mixed

Forest Functional Level : WIndows 2000 Native

We can directly migrate from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012 R2 in the same forest as well as different forest.

When we install AD on Windows 2012 R2 by default it shows DFL & FFL as Windows Server 2008 minimum level.

But still we can create the forest trusts between Windows 2003 mixed DFL/FFL to Windows 2012 R2 with DFL/FFL as Windows Server 2008

All the locations are inter-connected through MPLS & Leased Lines.

Project Scope : Consolidate 16 AD forests into the Single Forest with new name.

Created New Forest with new domain.

Added DNS IPs into the Forwarders tab into all the old AD forest DNS forwarders list to communicate with cross forests.

Even added existing domain name into the new domain DNS forwarders tab & vice-versa.

Created External Forest Trust with New Forest and with the existing 16 different forests.

Now using Profile Wizard in order to migrate the User Profile data from Old Domain to the New Domain.

This completes the cross forest migration from one AD forest to another AD Forest.

Follow the similar steps on other 15 forests.