Friday, August 3, 2012

Install Remote Agents on Windows2008 R2 Servers

When you install the Remote Agent on Server's you might get the below error;

Below are the 2 steps to resolve this issue.

Installing Remote Agent on Windows Server 2003, Windows2008 & Windows2008 R2 in 2 ways;

1) You can install as shown in fig.

2) The best way would be installing remote agent in Silent Mode.For 32-bit remote servers
1  : Copy the RAWS32 and MSXML folders from the Backup Exec Server in a new folder on the Remote Server (C:\prog. files\symantec\backup exec\agents\RAWS32 and MSXML)
2  : On the Remote server, open command prompt and navigate to the RAWS32 folder and run setupaa.cmd
Example : D:\BEAGENT\RAWS32\>setupaa.cmd
3  : Go to Start-->All Prog-->Symantec-->Remote Agent Utility
4  : Click on the Publishing TAB, enable Publiching and ADD the NAME OR the IP Address of the BE Server, Restart the Remote Agent Service on the Remote Server
This will install the Remote Agent in Silent Mode
For 64-bit Remote Server:
1  : Copy the RAWSx64 folder instead of RAWS32 and run setupex64.cmd insteed of setupaa.cmd and follow the steps above

Once you installed Agent by using CommandPrompt, you will get BackupExec Remote Agent Tool, open that & add BackupExec. Server IP as shown below 

Here you completed the Installation of Remote Agent on Windows Server 2003 /2008/2008 R2

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